Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Header Challenge - What's that?

There are lots of buildings around here with cupolas on the roof. They also have wind vanes, directional arrows and birds or animals adorning the top. This pair adorns the top of the local rescue company. But what is that gray tube between the cupolas?

What's this bug?

 What's this? (Delicious harvard beets made by Marianne!)
What's this?
The return of blue sky after a couple of weeks of gray with intermittent rain. (Nothing like the rain our family and friends in South Carolina got.)


imac said...

Like the blue sky Lew and up on the rooftops too.

Katney said...

So what IS that gray thing between the cupolas?

We had drops of rain this morning. California could use some of it for sure.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

I would think that is the siren they use for a fire Lew. Neat capture for sure. Are they volunteers or is it for storms? Let me know my friend.