Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Header Challenge - Water

When I selected this topic I was thinking of grand vistas of water - maybe the ocean or Yosemite lakes. But Mother Nature then showed what she can do with water. Starting in Texas she dropped tons of water, spawn tornados causing much damage. The storms moved up the central US, then turned east passing over us. Though weakened, the storms still caused some flooding and wind damage on the east coast. My header is water flowing across our backyard during the heaviest rain (June 20).
Big puddles from a third storm June 27
Water in basement storm June 23
Water in the sky  June 27

And water in Carroll Creek June 6


imac said...

Glad you didn't have more rain Lew, looks like it could have been a lot worse, grand shots MDF.

Katney said...

And unfortunate that you could not share some of it with us in the West--especially California, but also here in the Northwest where we are also in drought. Well, we are here in the inland Northwest anyway, and low snowpack in the mountains for our summer irrigation.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

We are soaked in Ohio too, Lew. My back yard was also a lake. Nice captures.

Christine said...

Nice water pics, Lew. Mother Nature sure has been generous to us with the rain! Chicago had some huge rain totals for June, and I don't think we're done yet.