Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Header Challenge - Pictures from the past

My idea for this challenge was to post images over my years with a camera. I was given a brownie camera for Christmas when I was about 12. Dad had the darkroom equipment and taught me how to develop film and make prints. My header is a self portrait with my wife taken ten years ago. This is a small sample of about 60 years of photography.. 

1950's WW-II model

1950's Construction oops! 
Road construction next to my grandmother's house.

1986 College Graduation
 My eldest daughter with my Dad

1995 Arizona sunset
1996 Mom and Dad.
2005 Independence Hall from Liberty Bell.


Katney said...

Well, I did go back farther, but these are a very lovely photographic history.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nicely done Lew, neat family picture.

imac said...

Nice to look back on the years Lew MDF

Christine said...

You have a rich photographic history. I loved looking at your old photos and memories!