Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Header Challenge - Cell phone pics

My old cell phone did not have a camera feature. When it died last December, the replacement had a camera (and other features which I haven't used. In my world, phones are for talking; cameras are for taking pictures. I have now taken a grand total of 20 pictures with the phone, most this week for the header challenge.

Original image size of the phone camera is 1600x1200 pixels. I tried zooming and got the result in my header. I am not giving up my Nikon!

A reflected selfie

My header - normal mode


imac said...

Neat show Lew, awkward mobs to the Nikons Lew, give me my camera anyway,lol.

Craver Vii said...

Your gave me a good chuckle, Lew. "In my world, cell phones are for talking..." That sounds like something my wife and I have been saying for years, except that only recently I also do a lot of texting, plus I found a way to import pictures of my grandchildren. Thanks for playing along. This wasn't easy for me, either. Your scarecrow and reflected selfie came out nice and sharp.

An interesting side note... my grandies' imported pics are originally taken with my daughter's Nikon.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

I agree Lew with the cell phones for talking. Nice job on the photos.

Christine said...

I'm with you on cell phone cameras--use only in an emergency, lol! Your header is pretty neat, even the way it turned out. Kinda looks like a Renaissance painting!

Katney said...

Looks like we are well in agreement on cell phone pictures. I do have the pocket Canon in the car always. It is a CAMERA. But for some reason have never warmed up to taking video with the camera--that works fine on the cell phone. Are we weird, or just old fashioned?