Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Header Challenge - What's up there in the sky

Recently our sky has been filled with Winter with a capital W! No records have been broken but the TV folks said it is the ninth worst on record. My header is the afternoon sun trying to break through the falling snow. February 13 was a whiteout with falling snow. 


The Canada geese don't seem to mind as they look for a spot to bed down for the night. But they certainly are complaining loudly as they pass over head.

And we still have plenty of work for the tree trimmers after ice from the sky covered everything.


imac said...

Real nice work on whats in the sky Lew, very cold and lots of work for folk too.

Just seen your sink Hole from prev post, we have had some of those appear in the UK also.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lew: We certainly have been getting the snow and cold this winter. I had 12" on my driveway yesterday from snow and blowing. We will be at 47F today and 50F tomorrow.

Craver Vii said...

I am fascinated by whiteout conditions and love the look of them, even though they bring traffic to a crawl. I love the winter, but I'm no fan of the traffic accidents or expensive bills related to the extreme weather.

katney said...

Friends have gotten great moon shots lately, but all we had when it was full was a faint glow through the clouds. You have lots of things in your skies recently. I remember driving through a whiteout. Scary.

Christine said...

Great shots, Lew. I'm late in posting because I got "stuck in traffic" at the airport trying to get home from a weekend away, due to the 2/13 and 2/17 snowstorms in Chicagoland!

Love your bird image.