Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Header Challenge - A Christmas verse

The lighting is poor
 and our eyes aren’t what they were.
So Brian will be here the 19-th at one
 to talk to us about what can be done!

The above poem (with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore) was my Christmas  present to Marianne in December 2011. We had talked about remodeling the kitchen before, but never reached decisions on what we wanted. This got the ball rolling and by the end of May we were using our new kitchen. Here in verse is the rest of the story.
Now Brian came and was precise;
 so off we went to get Maggie's advice.
The web revealed many choices to our chagrin,
 and decisions were made before we began.
Marianne searched the web far and wide,
 and I checked out local sources beside.
Choices were made on cabinets, on colors and floor,
 on lighting, on granite, on faucets and more.
Maggie laid out the cabinet design and it was precise.
We said okay and Brian sent us the price.
As Brian went off with check in hand,
We cleared the cabinets of every pot and pan.

Soon Brian and his crew tore out the old,
and the room was bare, a sight to behold.
The electricians put in new outlets and lights
Soon came the counter tops, much to our delight.
And as Brian the others drove out of sight,
Marianne said "I love my new kitchen tonight".
A phrase still heard as she prepares a meal,
And I must say that's same way I feel.

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Carletta said...

Hi Lew,
Wonderful poem! I think Moore would be flattered at the imitation.
The kitchen looks lovely.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and the link to the mitten bird feeder. I had meant to search but lost time. I've added a note in my post for those who were interested. Thank you.

imac said...

A great poem you wrote indeed,

As wanted a new Kitchen was in need.

Great post Lew

Craver Vii said...

What a difference you have with your new design! Ya done good, Lew!

Jackie said...

I love the new look in the kitchen...and a great poet you are, too!