Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Header Challenge - Ice

When I thought of "Ice" as the theme this week, I expected Old Man Winter to provide me some scenes for my camera. If you have been following the weather reports (that's almost the only topic in the news), there has been plenty of ice and snow across the USA. But not very much here. Luckily for me the merchants of Frederick provided me with some ice sculptures.
February 2 - a nicely carved block of ice,
but no room for my blog name.

February 2 - an ice game table.

February 19 - a snow flake among the rain drops.

February 22 - You can count the sleet pellets in this ice "storm".
But I chose the ice covered gate for my header. We had rain followed by freezing cold. This gate is in an area where water drains from the field and on this day the right end of the gate was firmly locked in ice.


imac said...

Bet it was cold opening that gate Lew,lol.
Great Header and post pics.

RuneE said...

That gate was impressive!

katney said...

Great shots, Lew. I knew you weren't thinking of the ice cube tray.

Craver Vii said...

Those ice blocks are so perfectly cut. I like those ice ribs on the gate!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat gate Lew, I don't enjoy ice storms. Love the gate.

Jackie said...

Look a the ice on that gate!!
I wouldn't want to touch that...might not be able to 'unstick' from that.
And...the snow amidst the raindrops was so beautiful that I actually though I saw the raindrops moving.
Beautiful photos!