Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our World - Too soon gone

Michael and Christopher, two of our grandsons, were here for the past 4 weeks. This weekend was goodbye time. Their Dad provided the transportation and brought along their sister Christy and their nephew Bryson. 

We were surprised and delighted when this little bundle of energy came bouncing in. For a two-year old he has no fear and thinks he can do everything his uncles do.

Diner out the day before they all departed.


eileeninmd said...

Oh what fun, to have the little ones visiting.. The little one is a cutie. Great photos of the family. Thanks for sharing!

Leora said...

I love how you enjoy your family. When you speak of goodbye time, I think of my eldest son leaving for college in a few weeks. My, my.

Kay L. Davies said...

Many two-year-olds haven't learned the meaning of fear, Lew, and this one might never learn it because he has two big uncles to set him a high standard in fearlessness.