Monday, February 13, 2012

Our World - Winter returns

 February 4, 6:35 PM

Our winter has been rather mild, with only a few nights of 20F (-7C) or below. The snow storms have blown past quickly, leaving us with only brief photo opportunities.

 February 8, 5:16 PM

 February 11, 2:52 PM

 February 11, 3:14 PM

 February 11, 3:18 PM


eileeninmd said...

Hi Lew, after the last two winters I am kind of happy not to see much snow in Maryland. We had more than our fair share. LOL! I loved your photos, especially the last street shot! Have a wonderful week!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, it does look cold, Lew! Beautiful, but COLD! Love your captures for the day! Have a great week -- stay warm!


Kay L. Davies said...

Winter is threatening to return here as well, and our temperatures have been considerably lower than yours. The forecast is for light snow, and even though "light" is a matter of opinion, it's definitely more than I want.
Loved your last two photos, however. Snow looks much nicer in your world than it does in mine, Lew.

Jackie said...

I am ALWAYS happy to see photos of snow. Keep 'em coming! I love these!!!

Patty said...

Wow! We have seen no snow all year. Well, a light dusting. But perhaps this evening we will see a few flakes that will stick. Your winter wonderland is beautiful.