Monday, April 4, 2011

My World - Cherry blossoms

Last Tuesday I drove down to Washington to see the cherry blossoms along the mall. It was cool, overcast and the bloosoms were not fully open. But the display is still awesome.

Along Haines Point

Ohio Drive by the Potomac River

Near the Lincoln Memorial


Nancy said...

Oh, how beautiful, Lew. Just gorgeous. :)

J Bar said...

Such beautiful blooms.

Ann said...

Yours are not as pink as the ones here. Still, cherry blossoms is a great time.

Next September, you come to New Zealand, i will walk with you in our cherry lane.

ladyfi said...

Wow! Those cherry blossoms are just gorgeous!

jocodeane said...

Oh Lew, that takes me back to such a happy time:
I had the privilege of cycling round the basin on my brandnew Carbonfibre Trek bike during one of our visits at blossom time.
Don't know if that is still allowed these days, but it was a wonderful experience.
Bringing that bike back to the UK and paying the exorbitant import duty, was not so uplifting :-)

aka Penelope said...

It would be great to walk beneath these gorgeous puffs of soft pink and white clouds arching over the street. This Washington display (that I’ve seen only in pictures) is highlighted yearly by the media. Our blossoms in BC are also near full bloom. Looking at your first photo, I see the old saying: apple blossom white and cherry pink is not always the case. Thanks for sharing this beautiful day in your world. :)