Friday, December 25, 2009

PhotoHunt - Twelve mice and a cat

Our tree is decorated with many animals - calico cats, bears, horses - but these have special meaning. In our early days together, I often used the phrase "we should do... ". Marianne would reply "What, you got a mouse in your pocket?" And she has given me a mouse ornament most every year since then. She found the Siamese cat ornament and it reminded us so much of two of our previous Siamese, Scooter and Sinbad, that it is now a fixture on our tree.


Bull Rhino said...

Very clever take on the theme. Cute little meeses too.

Lisa said...

Great way to display the theme. :-)

marites1034 said...

such cute mouse decorations for your Christmas tree:) Happy PH and Happy Holidays!