Monday, November 9, 2009

My World Tuesday - Soybean harvest

Out in the field I heard such a clatter
I looked out the window to see what's the matter.
And what should I spy, but a giant green Deere
Running through the soybeans, a cloud at its rear.

It reaped and it thrashed, and held the beans inside
And then a red truck pulled along side.
The Deere disgorged the beans through a spout
As it continued its work up the soybean route.

Nearer and nearer the giant did come
until the roar made me deaf and dumb.
What will become of the beans now gone?
Tofu or cattle feed I think will be done.

And soon the green giant did disappear
and the dust settled, leaving the field bare.
The quiet returned to our peaceful abode
And I returned to my PC to compose this ode.

(with apologies to Henry Livingston and/or Clement Moore)


JOE TODD said...

I've heard it said Soybeans look like a foot of water on the field in April. I like your photos better

Sylvia K said...

I love your photos as always, however, this time you really got to me with your ode!! I love it!! Definitely the biggest smile today! Thanks for the fun, Lew!

Enjoy your week!


Martha Z said...

Great photos and your ode to the soybeans gave me a chuckle.

Barb said...

Well, Lew - an ode to soybeans - what a surprise! Please just don't leave any in my Christmas stocking!

moe lauher said...

Lew, great posting. It has a special meaning to me. You can see why, here.

eileeninmd said...

You had me chuckling. Great photos and song.

Basyon said...

Love this post. An ode to soybeans. ;D

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RuneE said...

We don't grow soy beans in Norway as far as I know, so this was very interesting. Thank you!

bettyl said...

Very clever. Thanks for the smile!

Solo said...

Oh thanks for sharing the fun Lew. ;D Looking forward on your next post.

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VioletSky said...

Well done!
And informative photos, too. I hadn't really thought about what soy beans looked like or how they were harvested.