Saturday, May 9, 2009

PhotoHunt - In memory of Bill

Bill and Dad, at the Cemetery a day after Mom's funeral

Monday would have been my brother's 66-th birthday. It has been nearly 5 years since he died, just 3 weeks after Dad. He was retired Navy and Vietnam veteran, serving on the USS Forrestal during WESTPAC 1967 cruise. After returning from Vietnam, the Navy transferred him to San Diego. He quickly adopted Southern California, saying he would never leave. Though his Navy assignments took him to sea, California remained his home. Here's to you, Bill! I miss you.


Anonymous said...

It's always sad when we lose loved ones. I'm so glad we have photos to remember them more clearly. I think it helps to have moments captured for when they're gone.

NitWit1 said...

A very nice personal tribute to a loved one!

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healingmagichands said...

It is amazing to see how a fleeting second can be captured on film. Bill had a life that was very similar to my husbands, who (thank God) is still living. The Navy and going to sea is a very special life. I'm sure you do miss your brother very much.

Denise said...

Hi Lew, I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. Photos are even more treasured when we lose our loved ones. My father-in-law was the chief engineer on the Forrestal 1968/69, right after the fire. He goes to their reunions every year.