Saturday, April 19, 2008

PhotoHunt - Thirteen by Ansel Adams

This photo required a real hunt. When we redid our family room last year, books and pictures and other moveable objects were packed and stored in other parts of the house. We still have not brought most of the books and pictures out of storage, so I hunted through various boxes til I found 13. (I know there are a few more Adams items still to find.) I retrieved a few of these earlier in the week for a post on my Project 365 blog. Ansel Adams was one of the people who greatly influenced the coming of age for photography in the 1920's and 30's. I have admired his work since I first saw pictures of the western US in Dad's photography magazines. Until I retired last year, I had one his calendars hanging in my office at work for about 20 years. Most were Christmas gifts from my kids (or grandkids) and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the outstanding photos every work day. Most photographers are familiar with his pictures of nature. One of the amazing things about him is that his letters from childhood were preserved and have been printed, along with letters on other issues great and small throughout his life. Of the books shown, Manzanar may be less well known. It is the story of the internment of US citizens of Japanese descent in 1942. This book was written by Armor and Wright, but used pictures taken by Adams in 1943 and donated to the Library of Congress. Some of the photos were published in 1944 by Adams in his book Born free and Equal.


Katney said...

Lew, I cannot see your photo. Can you check it to see if there is something amiss with the upload? It is probably me, though. I will come back later and try again.

Natalie said...

Ansel Adams did great work!

I can see your pic just fine. :)

JAMIE said...

What a great idea for your "13" theme. It is kind of fun when the it actually does become a hunt for the weeks theme.
Have a great week:)

Katney said...

I'm back. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me. The photo opened immediately this time.

I love Ansel Adams photos. And of course, they are mostly of my part of the world, which makes them extra special to me. Thyat is a nice collection fo books of his work.

the teach said...

Lew, great take on the 13 PH meme. I did a post on Adams' Manzanar photos a good while back... :D